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"Chiropractor Little Rock:  One of the world’s most ingenious Chiropractors is also a Little Rock Chiropractor. Dr. Carbary, a member of MENSA serves the Chiropractic profession as an inventor (the POSTURAL ANALYZER) CHIROWEB monitor, and innovative Spinal Vasopneumatic therapy originator and developer." 


"I, Dr. Bill, have no hesitation or avoidance in generally explaining charges to inquiring people looking for a Chiropractor."

                    for you and your family...


Many patients, leaving my care due to a move to​ another locality, have asked about how to find a new Chiropractor.  Here’s what I share with them:

1.       Call some offices within a reasonable distance of your new location and share that you recently moved to the area and you are looking for a Chiropractic doctor.  Ask how long the doctor allows for follow up appointment time with continuing patients.

My patients have been served with one hour new patient
times and fifteen minute follow up appointments and most would not be happy with quick two to five minute doctor contact.


2.      Ask for a time for  a brief phone chat with the chiropractic doctor to help determine if this seems to be a good fit for you. 

My patients have access to my cell number and know, if there is a good reason, they can talk to me, and, if necessary (Sundays and Holidays included), they can come to me or I will go to them.

3.      When you do talk to the chiropractic doctor get a first impression feel.  Be specific in your unique situation.  For example, ask the doctor if he or she typically provides sciatica treatment, carpal tunnel treatment , or migraine treatment.  Ask about charges and procedures and, if pertinent, insurance coverage.     The cheapest per visit fees are not necessarily the least expensive (more visits than are necessary, or too quick and sometime ineffective care, can be more expensive in many ways). It is, however, reasonable to be told the basic per visit charge for continuing care. Evasiveness is usually not a good sign.

My patients are told what my charges are and this is all fully explained and agreement reached before any service is provided.

We are also function as a Chiropactic Wellness Center. What this means is that we help patients with diet, nutrition, exercise, and maintaining good structural health.

​​Call my office.  My assistent will set up a ten minute time for you to call me or I can call you and answer YOUR questions in a straighforward honest hype free way.  I don't charge for this one time contact.

--Dr. Carbary
(501) 663-2600

Treatment, Documentation, and legal coordination for auto accident cases TM

A person having  a car accident injury, not only gets the help needed, but the case is legally handled properly and effectively.


  • Our office staff helpfully answers questions, verifies coverage, and files claims.
  • We reasonably wait on the insurance portion of the payment for most plans.


Experience with whiplash treatment, chronic back pain, chronic neck pain and disc herniation.