Subj: Book Release

Next Monday, Feb 5th, my novel, Underneath It All: What My Life Was Like as an Enlisted Man on a Nuclear Submarine, will be published.

I originally wrote this book almost fifty years ago when I was fresh out of the Navy. My language back then was ‘Saltier’ and the story is also spiced with descriptive scenes. It is intended for mature readers.

It is currently available for pre-order on Kindle and other e-readers. It can easily be found by typing in the title and my last name.

Any reviews will be greatly appreciated.


Subj: Releasing Energy

Numerous times in many ways I have heard others comment that being around certain people ‘brings them down’. I have even heard another Chiropractor once say that he couldn’t do ‘Energy’ work because it ‘exhausted’ him at the end of the day.

Whether one is a ‘Chiropractor’ or not, we all encounter and relate to others in our jobs and otherwise. Also, whether we call it that or not, we all do ‘energy’ interactions. Verbally communicating, hand shaking, or hugging, we connect in various ways with others.

Sometimes others are depressed, angry, hurting, exhausted, or even suicidal. How do we relate, be helpful if we can, and move on and be ok and not drained ourselves??

Most therapists have a method or technique to be there, to be helpful, yet not take on the energy that is being shared or released.

I have a method that many of you have probably noticed me doing. After I do an adjustment, I will bring my hands together and then quickly apart. This is a thought or intent accompanied by body movement or action. The thought or intent is approximated by this description, “I acknowledge and welcome your energy release, but I am I am not taking it or accepting it to part of my energy.”

See accompanying YouTube video of me doing an adjustment and using this technique.


Subj: Some wonder what it’s like to be the kind of doctor (Chiropractor) that some respect and some don’t.

I expect, to some of you, this may be surprising that I would even be ‘out front’ about this. Glad to share.

Extra:  Some people (not my patients) have said to me, “I don’t believe in Chiropractors”. I have commented to them, “Do you believe in postal workers, airline pilots, house painters…?” I am not Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.  I am a real person doing a real job, recognized and licensed as a professional. Believe it or not.

In truth, I don’t much care. I have the respect of those that contribute to making my life meaningful. Others, of contrary opinion, are noted in the peripheral without undue consequential impact.


Subj: Sometimes the present meets the past and it squeezes in on us…

This is a pic of my wife, Connie walking down a street

in Florence, Italy. The buildings on both sides are hundreds

of years old.  The side walk and street was adapted but a

pretty tight passage for the modern age.

Extra: I can see the analogy in our journey through life.

For many, if not most, of us, the rigidity of the past does

seem to make our current path narrower.  I believe one

can expand the “walls of the past” however and walk free

of the sense of confinement. 

Ask me about the ‘Breathwork’ experience that I do here at the office monthly,

Dr. Carbary


Subj: I am Thankful for many things in my life especially this most wonderful blessing in my life.

There is much in my life that I am thankful for. It was until I was 46 years along my journey however that I met the love of my life; my most wonderful blessing, my friend, my partner, my wife, Connie.

I expect that this may be inspiring for some of you. Glad to share.

Extra:  I am also especially grateful to those who have placed their trust in me to be their Chiropractor.


Subj: Me and one of my friends (from the past), ‘Charmin’.

I expect this may uplifting for many of you. Glad to share.

Extra: I am a Chiropractor for the people.  There has been occasion however when a patient has brought a pet in.  On one occasion I helped a dog walk again.


Subj: Occasionally, some who come to me don’t like my style of Chiropractic.

 Some find my style to be different than what they expect. I do ‘pop’ joints, but typically I don’t do as much as a lot of DC’s. I do believe that ‘adjustment’ / manipulation to be helpful and I combine this with the energy work I do. This works extremely well for most of my patients. Some who come to me however are used to a different approach and move on from me to find another DC who better suits their expectations. When I first started in Chiropractic, this bothered me. No more. I am who I am, and I do what I do. My focus continues to be to be helpful, without harm. For those that move on, I wish them well and truly project that each finds the helper that serves them best.

I expect this may be insightful for some of you. Glad to share.

Now for the extra:

Some who might consider going to a Chiropractor may hesitate to do so because of fear of being injured. No physical activity is completely without incident (i.e. walking around the house). Chiropractic (including neck adjustments) however, is extremely safe, and it is VERY rare for anyone to be injured in the process (millions to one). DC’s pay pennies on the dollar compared to MD’s for malpractice insurance.

PS This and all my continuing updates will be posted on my blog on


Meet my friend, ‘Henry’…

Henry comes from Europe (Italy) 

Actually this is ‘Henry III’.   Henry I has passed. We still have

Henry II in our Spa department.

This machine does ‘Cold Laser’ and ‘Vasopneumatic’ (vacuum-

Release pumping).  It is, in my opinion, the BEST therapy machine

on the planet for reducing pain and restoring function in

swollen arthritic joints.

Extra:  You can find out more about this machine by going to my

Website, ChiropracticLittleRock. Com and clicking on either

‘Videos’ or ‘Vasoneumatic’.

Dr.  Carbary


Subj: How I first became interested in Chiropractic.

It was 1979.  I was deeply enmeshed in my first adult life crisis. My ten-year marriage was ending, and I was packing and moving from what soon would no longer be my home. Upon lifting a box of books, I heard a ‘pop’ and felt an immediate pain in my mid-back. After suffering for days, I took a friend’s advice and visited a local Chiropractor. He fixed my back and opened my eyes to this wonderful profession. After a few more years of consideration and (even though I had a Master’s Degree at the time) a full year of more college preparation, I started Chiropractic college at age 40. At the time of this writing, I am in my 31st year of practice.

Looking back, I find it interesting that life crisis, although difficult and sometimes painful, can open one up to reflection and deep purpose.   

I expect this may be interesting to many of you. Glad to share.

Now for the extra:

Most think of and use my services for treatment of back and neck pain.  Some of you know about the Cynosure TriActive therapy machine I have. This machine combines Cold Laser and Vasopneumatic and I have developed and pioneered the unique use of therapy delivered by this machine right here at my office in Little Rock.  I have had several patients who have restored normal walking function and avoided double knee replacement surgery after therapy with this machine.


Subj: Why I chose ATT for my cell phone service.

My wife Connie, in connection to her import business travels to China at least once per year.  We are both in Europe at the time of writing this.  In recent time we had a different mobile carrier. We discovered their out of the USA service to be inadequate.  ATT has a plan that allows easy connection with calling back to USA for $10 per day per phone for unlimited daily calling (and it’s only charged if you use it). 

I expect this may be helpful to some of you. Glad to share.

Now for the extra:

Most think of and use my services for treatment of back and neck pain.  Most don’t know that I have a very effective technique that helps relieve sinus/allergy symptoms.  No extra charge.  If you let me know, and you so choose, it will be included in the Chiropractic service.


Subj: What I did when I found myself in back pain in Italy

During my vacation in Florence, Italy recently, my back hurt. Long plane flights, sleeping in beds with uncomfortable mattresses, etc.; many of you, I am sure, can relate. I didn’t let this discomfort dampen my vacation time with my family however. I did what I would recommend to my patients to do; I found a local Chiropractor. My thanks to Dr. Thomas Herns. He did a great job and got me back on track. Yea Chiropractic!!

I expect this may be interesting to many of you. Glad to share.

Now for the extra:

If you are traveling, whether in the States or abroad, if you need help finding a Chiropractor, I will be glad to assist if you let me know in advance or contact the office when the need comes up.


Subj: How I flew to paris for $420 round trip

At the end of November (2017) my wife, my daughter and her college friend, and I spent nine days in Europe (Paris and Florence). We flew from Memphis and, after several hops arrived in Paris, France. The amazing part (of the cost) of this adventure is the round-trip airfare for each of us was only $460!

My daughter (Tayren) booked these fares and she shared the secret:

I expect this may be helpful to many of you. Glad to share.

Now for the extra:

I have been asked what supplements I take. I take seven specific sources of nutritional supplementation each day. Some to make up for dietary deficiencies; some to compensate for my unique vulnerable background. My history has educated me that my most vulnerable reactive ‘system’ is respiratory. Changes in season or traveling in different locality tends to initiate sinus/allergy reaction. I therefore include, as one of the seven, ‘Allerplex’ from STANDARD PROCESS. This herbal/whole food nutrient helps keep me off anti-histamine and pharmacological antibiotics.

Q: In the United States, why do other doctors dislike chiropractors? Why do they regard them as almost the black sheep of the medical profession?

A: Interesting question. I will address the essence of what the question is about but first I am motivated to address the error within the question itself. Chiropractic and ‘Chiropractors’ are not the ‘black sheep’ or any kind of sheep within the Medical Profession. Chiropractic is NOT within the medical profession AT ALL. Yes, it is ‘part’ of Health Care but all of what is under the category of legal licensed Health Care does not fall under the umbrella of the Medical Profession.

Chiropractic has its own schools, accreditation agency, licensing and regulation boards, and is defined by a written scope of practice in each of the US states that generally says that Chiropractors can do, within the bounds of morals, ethics and safety, open scope patient body contact by hand or approved instrument or machine to help with joint or neurological efficiency,

Spinal manipulation or ‘Adjustment’ has been and continues to be a significant focus of the patient body contact. It has shown significant beneficial contribution, so much so that the Physical Therapy Profession (part of the Medical Profession) is, in numerous states, already including this in practice, and, in numerous other states pushing to have this included in the legal scope of practice.

Chiropractic has been put down and falsely represented by many MD’s (mostly ones who are older) mainly because of Chiropractic’s impact and success as a separate Health Care profession outside of Medicine. I offer that Chiropractic, in the U.S. has been the ONLY separate ‘portal of entry’, non limited body part specialized like Dentistry or Optometry, health care profession that has survived more than 100 years completely separate from Medicine. Chiropractors may focus on the spine but a smaller but significant number of patients come to Chiropractors for more than joint pain problems.

This separate upstart profession inspired Medical groups (spearheaded by the AMA) to try to discredit and eliminate Chiropractic by claiming it was dangerous and scientifically invalid in providing help for people. Prior to 1987 any Medical doctor who associated in any way with a Chiropractor, by referring patients or otherwise, was subject to disciplinary action by Medical Boards. In 1987, as a result of a legal suit that was heard and settled by the US Supreme Court , it was decided that the Medical Profession’s justification for its attack on Chiropractic was inspired by “anti-trust” motivation rather than scientific public protecting validation.

Even today there are many ‘old head’ MD’s who, out of ignorance or malice, spread false information about Chiropractic. I offer, as an example, what I read as the first answer (given by a Medical Doctor) to this question when I clicked on this query.

I quote:

“The origin of chiropractic was based on the misinterpretation of a single event. The founder of chiropractic was blind, and he hit his head. Suddenly he could see. The nerves for vision are entirely within the skull, but Daniel Palmer didn’t know that.”

D. D, Palmer (the founder of Chiropractic) was NOT blind, did NOT hit his head and have his vision restored,

One might offer that the story was about a patient of Palmer that had his hearing restored and that would be true in regard to this narrative. One might say the analogy of the point being offered would be the same and I can agree on the connection. My point however, is that if you are a super educated professional who is relied upon to have a high level of factual accuracy, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

An additional point, as the majority of my colleagues and thousands upon thousands of Chiropractic patients will verify, is that adjustments to the upper cervical regions of the spine (which surround the brain stem) DO affect symptoms in the cranium. One example is migraine headaches.

I currently have as has been the case throughout my thirty year career, MD’s for patients. The one profession that I have had MORE patients be connected with than any other profession. however, has been Registered Nurses (RN’s).


So, in answer to the essence of the question posed, Why do many in the Medical Profession have negative opinions about Chiropractors…?

Mainly, I believe, out of ignorance, bias, and a sense of ‘know it all’ egocentrics,

Dr. William Carbary, DC