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615 Beechwood St. Little Rock, AR 72205

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Chiropractor Little Rock

One of the world’s most ingenious Chiropractors is also a Little Rock Chiropractor.

Comments about My Purpose

This site has not been created by some generic marketing company with fancy words and stock photo flash. I did not “approve” of the content on this site. I CREATED the content here.

All the words come from myself, my staff, and my patients.

The pictures were all taken, personally by myself or my staff, with a mobile phone camera.

The videos are, all but two, done spontaneously, and, unedited.

One, of the two professionally packaged videos, is a Fox News report about me and my office. The other is, a filmed and edited video, put together by one of my patients.

My prices are fair and reasonable. If you need a payment plan I will give it to you, and, unless you need more than six months to pay, I will not charge you any interest.

My treatment plan recommendation is unique to each patient.

I provide maintenance-wellness care as needed and wanted.

I am not offering any traditional coupon specials to be a patient. I am just offering to be genuine and sincere. One of my primary purposes in my life’s journey is to help others. My professional focus in this regards is centered at 615 Beechwood St., Little Rock, AR.

As in this site, as in my office, you get a person who will be out front and communicative in a forthright way…

Choose me as ‘My Chiropractor’, or not. Either way, I wish you Healing, Health, Love, and Happiness.

Bill Carbary, Chiropractor

About Chiropractic Little Rock

We have no hesitation or avoidance in generally explaining charges to inquiring people looking for a Chiropractor. Our patients have been served with one hour new patient times and fifteen minute follow up appointments and most would not be happy with quick two to five minute doctor contact. Our patients have access to our cell numbers and know, if there is a good reason, they can talk to me, and, if necessary (Sundays and Holidays included), they can come to me or I will go to them. Our patients are told what my charges are and this is all fully explained and agreement reached before any service is provided.

Treatment, Documentation, and legal coordination for auto accidents cases.™

A person having a car accident injury, not only gets the help needed, but the case is legally handled properly and effectively.

Verified Insurance Coverage Accepted

-Our office staff helpfully answers questions, verifies coverage, and files claims.

-We reasonably wait on the insurance portion of the payment for most plans.?

Experience with whiplash treatment, chronic back pain, chronic neck pain and disc herniation.

Typically, for the first day of care, the fees range from $89 to $145. The basic first day collection ($89.00) includes one hour consultation,evaluation and Chiropractic treatment. Additional therapy, and x-rays, if needed, will result in additional fair and reasonable charges

We accept the following insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Medicare, United Health Care, Aetna, QualChoice, Ambetter, Personal Injury

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