Subject: My Trip to NY to Visit My Brother

Dear Patients:

In reading this, know that I have, prior to this posting, showed this to my brother, Terry Carbary. I did this because I was proposing to share some very personal information about him and, without his permission; I would not share these details.

He gave his permission to share this:

On the Wednesday evening before the Labor Day weekend in late August of 2018, Connie and I began our automobile journey to Auburn, NY. We loaded the car with our suitcases and our portable PEMF machine. Our journey was motivated by the news about my brother, Terry which I received from my niece (my brother’s daughter) that Terry was in the hospital. He had collapsed after pulling his car over and was discovered slumped over his steering wheel. He was rushed to the ER. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, emphysema, and a possible intestinal blockage. Surgery was considered and then ruled out (the intestines cleared).

By the time Connie and I arrived, he had been discharged and was back in his home. His color was pale and grayish; he had difficulty breathing and frequently used an inhaler of ibuterol. If he tried to walk more than a short number of steps, he quickly struggled for breath, and with minimal exertion, would have to stop, and brace himself for several minutes before he could resume any activity. His feet and ankles were significantly swollen.  His feet were tinting purple and were dried, hardened, and cracked.

The first day I was there (Friday), with his permission, I treated him for two 50 minute-sessions with the PEMF machine. By Saturday AM, he showed no noticeable change. Saturday, I treated him for two more sessions. By Sunday AM, his swelling had diminished about 50%, the more normal color came back to his feet; he could walk with better fluidity and his face looked less grayish.

There was still a long way to go however. Emphysema and congestive heart failure are major chronic problems and improvements, if achievable, come slow. I have observed and learned over the years, however, that healing in and of itself is a miracle. It is a gift that for most of us, for most of our life take for granted. I believe that it is possible for my brother to heal and regain some normalcy in his life and go on with purpose.

Healing takes energy. I left with him the Standard Process complete nutritional, chickpea protein-stabilized, powered smoothie-mix to supply the raw materials. I gave him the Medi-Herb Turmeric to reduce the body’s hyper reactive inflammatory response. I let him know that I would help as much as I could, related to his needs and wants.

Healing energy is directed according to priority. Our healing gift is not random or unfocused. We give our bodies energy and trigger processes through the nutrients and vitamins we consume. Avoiding and clearing toxicity is also important to our vitality. The energy available is a factor of the energy put in. Nutrient energy is transformed within our cells to body-useable form. This transformed energy is used for conscious and automatic (autonomic) function, and for healing and repair. This energy is, in this sense, finite, and sometimes enough for full function, sometimes enough for limited function, and sometimes not enough (as indicated by increasing weakening and fatigue). When one is in a healing crisis this finite energy, to be most effective, must be wisely directed, with priority. This coordination and prioritizing is done in and by our autonomic central control center (our brain and nerve system).

In my observation, in Terry’s case, the prioritized focus was his swollen ankles and feet. The loss of blood movement was causing a loss of vitality of tissue which was resulting in diminishment of walking mobility and could eventually necessitate amputation of feet.

The PEMF machine, through input of electro-magnetic energy revitalizes the function of the cells. It enables the cells to be more efficient in the update of nutrients and transforming these molecules to usable energy. 

If the body has more usable energy, it is able to direct more energy to reduce and possibly overcome the healing crisis.

This is why, in one long weekend, Connie and I traveled, round trip, about 2500 miles to take our selves, a machine, and some nutrients to help my brother.

This is why I have what I have, and I do what I do at my office.

With Respect,

Dr. Carbary


Subject: Sign Language

Dear friends:

I thank Bill Murray for my latest message. It qualifies in the category of humor that I love to put on my sign—the kind that will cause a brief period of thinking until one “gets it”.

With Respect,

Dr. Carbary



Subject: A Brief Interlude…

Dear Friends,

Thanks to all those who have shared with me that you are liking my weekly writings. Some of you have been reading long enough to know that I have shared two multi-part segments. The first was about the Power of Belief, and the second about Purpose.

I will soon start the segment about Clearing the Bramble, but, in between, is and will be brief interludes for this and that.

These in-betweens will vary. My intent is to share some additional information and sprinkle in some (what I see as) humor.

These in-betweens are not meant to be superfluous filler. This whole communication process is an important aspect of what/Why/and how I have chosen to be as a Chiropractic Doctor. I take it all seriously, even the humor ?.

With Respect,

Dr. Carbary



Subject: A little Whimsy

Dear friends,

You may or may not know about the social media site, ‘Quora’. It is my favorite social media site, It provides a format for people to ask any question one is curious about and then others (typically knowledgeable others) will answer your question. Readers then up-vote the answers and the best answers rise to the top. Anyone can ask a question but to keep the site more cutting edge the site managers choose among those who provide, what they view as, well written and popular answers and invite those individuals to submit questions that, according to popularity, Quora then pays for. Popular questions are valuable because Quora sells ads on the site.

The MOST popular questions will earn the questioner about $1000 just for one question.  I get paid for some of the questions I submit but I haven’t yet submitted a question that earned even a $100. The best I have done is about $22.

I joked with Connie (my wife) yesterday that my first job (in 1963) paid me $1.00 per hour; now Quora pays me an average of $.58 just for spending about a minute thinking up a question. I am not tempted to quit my day job though :).

To follow is the most popular answer I have given on Quora:

Have your neighbors ever called the cops on you for something ridiculous?

William Carbary, Thinker, Philosopher (1944-present)
Answered Jul 4

It was 1983. I was living in a house with a large fence in my backyard. In the adjacent neighbor’s house there was a child (about 7 years old) who played with a large inflatable ball in his backyard. Repeatedly (sometimes several times per day) the child would bounce or knock the ball over the fence between our yards into my back yard. There was only one access to my back yard and that was through my house. The child would come knocking on my door and ask to go through my house to my back yard to obtain his ball and throw it back over the fence. I did let the child do this on a number of occasions but I came to decide that I no longer wanted this inconvenience. The next time the child came knocking, I politely explained that he would not be allowed to come through my house but the next time I was in the back yard I would throw his ball over the fence back to him.
Within about an hour the police came knocking on my door. The child’s father had called the police and complained that I was trying to steal property. When I told the officer the situation, he laughed and went to talk to my neighbor about the ridiculousness of the matter. After talking to the neighbor, the officer came back and further told me that the neighbor felt that he (or in this case, his child) had even extra special rights to access to my house and back yard because he owned his house and I was just renting,
The extra incredible irony in this whole matter was that my neighbor was illegally growing marijuana in his back yard (but he didn’t know that I knew this).
I did not tell the police this nor did I ever discuss any of this with my neighbor. We went on with our lives, hardly ever saw each other, and eventually I moved away. When I think of it however, as I did when I saw this question, I inwardly laugh again about it, as I did outwardly at that time.
With Respect,
Dr. Carbary


Subject: Purpose & More…

Having a Purpose/Power of Belief/How to remove and replace the negative Messages
the merge of concepts
Part 1

I have read many books on positive thinking and the power of belief. THINK AND GROW RICH; PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS; THE SECRET, ETC…


They all have become popular because they are well written, provide good information, and promise big in the self-help genre. They do a good job giving examples of how the recommended process has changed the lives of many who have applied the recommended process.  These books are also specific and helpful in explaining the process used and easily understandable in how to apply the process. I find that there is an assumption being made that the reader generally doesn’t consider or, at least, tacitly agrees with.  The assumption/agreement is that the reader deeply knows what he or she wants, and all that is lacking is some (seemingly) magical process to poof it into reality. 


There is an old saying that somewhat speaks to the issue underneath this:  Be careful what you ask for. I would add to this however. Be consistent on all levels when you are asking and know deeply and aim synergistically so that what you aspire to achieve fits in with your purpose(s). Additionally, be willing to clear out the conflict and blockages.


In my earlier series on the Power of Belief I advised readers to monitor the current background of thoughts and verbal words. This is to develop an awareness of what the current programs are.  Some of the old programs may conflict with the attempted installation and smooth running of the new ones.  An example of such conflict might be if one were trying to establish a new program of advancement in a job or position when there was a running underneath program of thinking and saying that ‘life is not fair’, ‘no body appreciates me’, ‘it never works out for me’.


To be continued.


With Respect,


Dr. Carbary


PS All my emails to patients are on my blog posted on my website ( I know that some of the readers are newly coming on board; and some jump in and out following my communications.

I am sharing this information in piecemeal form. Eventually I will put in all together in one format. If you wish to review or catch up, you can do so by going to my website.


Still to come: How to effectively clear out the old and install the new.


There will be a few weeks break however for some whimsy and other important announcements.


Subject: Purpose Pt. 6

Whats the point?…

The point is—

This is a continuation of the series (I sent out a couple of months back) on belief/thoughts/words. If one does not have an identified purpose guiding one’s journey in life, then there is no ‘compass’ to keep or change the messages one has accepted, continues accepting, and re-enforces (or not) along the way.

This is a short point, but it is so important, I am leaving just this, in its short concise emphasis as is…without expansion, fluff, or filler. The concept is not complicated and more words, in my view, would just dilute rather than clarify.

With Respect,

Dr. Bill


Subject: Purpose Pt. 5

If she says “Jump”…
Last week I shared my ‘multi-layered purposes’. These were:
1. To share my life with my love, Connie.
2. To serve and help others.
3. To enjoy life and have fun.
4. To be open and responsive to greater meaning/purpose in communion with spirit.
Words are fairly easy to write. I will share a small piece of my life, however, to illustrate my numbers 1 and 3. These videos were taken in early July of this year.
With Respect, 
Dr. Carbary


Subject: Purpose Pt. 4

My search to fulfill one of my acknowledged life’s purposes (finding true love) brought me to Arkansas. It was here that I came to allow more space for the love that I was here to find and for the job/career that I had showed up to do.

My life’s purposes are now clear to me and, hourly and daily, I monitor my thoughts and actions to be in sync with these focuses. I see this as crucial related to being in, what I refer to, ‘spirit’ alignment. This also honors my Chiropractic philosophy because it supports my physical alignment.

My multi-layered purposes are:

1. To share my life with my love, Connie.

2. To serve and help others.

3. To enjoy life and have fun.

4. To be open and responsive to greater meaning/purpose in communion with spirit.

With Respect,

Dr. Bill


Subject: Purpose Pt. 3

‘Finding’/Deciding on one’s purpose can seem daunting. I answer philosophical questions on the Social Media site, Quora, and a reoccurring topic is about finding or discovering or deciding upon one’s purpose.

Here’s some history about my quest:

In my twenties through my thirties I did not give much thought to the concept. I imagine that, during that time, had I been asked, I probably would have said, ‘to be a good father’,’ ‘to be a good husband’, and ‘to do a good job’ (as a public school teacher). The truth is I wasn’t doing as good as I could have in any of those categories. I did not fully realize it at the time, but none of those focuses were the underneath purpose that I was acting on.

My underneath purpose:

1.      To prove to my father (and to the world) that I was good enough.

2.      Experiencing ‘true’ love.

I didn’t know it then but I could never accomplish number 1, and, remaining stuck on number 1 was blocking me from accomplishing number 2. Number 2 did however inspire me, motivate me, and, ultimately, lead me in the direction of healing the wounds related to number 1.

To be continued.

With Respect,

Dr. Carbary


Subject: Purpose Pt. 2



When one helps others, this helps others to have an enhanced option and opportunity for healing. One need not be a physician to help others heal.

My third grade teacher was one of the first to show me this. She recognized that I was withdrawn, somewhat lost, and very much isolated and feeling alone. I’ll never forget her caring looks and the time she let me sit in her chair behind her desk and said nice things about me in front of the class. She helped me. I think of her from time to time and bless her for helping the eight year old me and appreciate that this help has carried forward.

I have seen many others, in the way they do their background ‘job’, demonstrate this beautiful purpose in life as well.

I recall and acknowledge an auto mechanic who was committed to do a job right at a fair price and took a loss in re-doing it to correct unintended errors.

I continue to experience and admire a restaurant server who always greets with genuine smiling warmth no matter her aches and pains or background happenstance.

I see, on a weekly basis, a mother who fosters and adopts children, some of whom, have been neglected, beaten, and abused. Her love shines so bright that it not only transforms these children, it offers a beacon for others to experience and emulate.

…the list goes on. Each of us, I offer, has a choice to see, focus on, and fume about the things that go wrong and seem unfair, or to see, focus, and appreciate the genuine and caring love and support others show to us.

I offer as well that helping others is a purpose we all have the option to accept, appreciate and grow with. The extra bonus is that, in doing so, we will be helping ourselves as well.

With Respect,

Dr. Carbary



Subject: Purpose Pt. 1


Part I

I admire and have a lot of respect for Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

I respect their business acumen, but more than that, I respect and admire their deep and positive purpose. They demonstrate a commitment to use their immense wealth to help and benefit others. I don’t mind or judge that this purpose has afforded them great wealth and luxury.

I don’t require, believe, or expect that one has to endure suffering and personal denial to serve and benefit society and help many others.

I also believe and appreciate that having a purpose helps one to heal and maintain good health.

To be continued.

With Respect,

Dr. Carbary



Subject: The Books I am Reading.

The book shown on the left is one tat I have recently finished. I found it to an excellent guide to living a meaningful life filled with abundance.

The second book is one that I currently am reading. It is keeping with with my philosophy that one’s attitude and wise choices contribute to a long and successful life.

With Respect,

Dr. Carbary


Subject: A little Whimsy…

Dear friends…

I search the world (thru the internet) for , what I see as, ‘stop and think about it a moment’ , funny.

If it passes this first criteria, not likely to offend, and short enough…

I sign it ?



Subject: Fathers Day Specials 2018



Subject: Belief


The series finale


I started this series by writing about the Placebo Effect and noted that medical research shows that it is increasing in magnitude. I continued by recommending that one keep track of one’s negative thoughts and beliefs by ‘clicking’ on those seem contrary to one’s desired positive outcomes. I followed by sharing that I feel we have a responsibility to hold positive beliefs and expectations for others. I related that I actively do this regarding my patients.

What I didn’t write about was how to replace negative thinking and believing with positive helpful thoughts.

I will get to this but it will come after I share what important foundation is needed to create these new beliefs and secure them firmly.

The new series will start in a few weeks after sharing some Father’s Day specials and throwing in some whimsy.

Dr. Carbary


Subject:  The PB Effect Pt. 8

The Power of Belief, Part VIII

What about those who believe differently?


One of my Massage Therapist employees asked me…

…” How should I react when I mention to a Massage client that I recommend Chiropractic care, and they express, not just a lack of interest, but an intense negative belief about Chiropractors?”

I advised my employee to not engage in further discussion or debate with one who expresses this belief.

I am the owner of two separate but somewhat overlapping businesses, CHIROPRACTIC LITLE ROCK, MASSAGE LITTLE ROCK.  Clients and / or patients will come in to either and each business seeking relief from joint and muscle pain. As a Chiropractic Physician, I recommend muscle therapy to my patients as I feel it is appropriate. If one does not want this, I do not badger or go on about it; I just provide the Chiropractic care they came to me for.  I oversee the Massage Therapy business the same way.

I do what I do and strongly believe that this provides a valuable benefit for those who choose to take advantage of this service. I believe in informing, but I have no interest in ‘converting’ or persuading those who are afraid or opposed to my profession.

Others’ beliefs, held separate from imposing on my personal space and safety, are none of my personal or commercial business.

Negative beliefs about Chiropractic are held by a significant percentage of people in the USA. I have commented in an earlier blog post why I see that this is so. Positive beliefs are also held by a significant percentage. This is so because of what my colleagues, past and present, have contributed along the way.

I believe that the world has been most positively changed, in a lasting and growing way, not by those who have dominated and forced, but by those who have exampled by being a caring shining light of goodwill and peaceful grace.

Dr. Carbary

To be continued.


Subject: The PB Effect Pt. 7

Recently a patient came in for her second Chiropractic visit. She told me that she had been hurting more since the first visit. She asked me if I expected that. I told her “no, I never expect that for my patients”. I added that it does happen sometimes, however.


The first Chiropractor who treated me told me, as well as other new patients, “You are going to get worse before you get better.” When I eventually became a DC myself I remembered this statement and I came to understand a number of the reasons why such a prediction is given:


  • Nobody complains if the prediction is not accurate.
  • Complaints are less likely (for awhile anyway) if the prediction is accurate.
  • It gives time and allowance if the initial treatment regimen needs modification.
  • It generally sets a background for a patient not to be too discouraged and give up if the process needs time to prove itself.
  • It helps to build a higher volume/more money producing practice because the number of visits per patient generally increases.


I never expect negative results for my patients, not even as a temporary pattern. I never tell a patient that he or she should expect temporarily negative results. I live by this commitment and philosophy even if this means, in some cases, when one doesn’t get fast improvement, one may lose confidence and drop out of care. When this happens, I think and expect one may find a helper who will serve them better.


To be continued…

Dr. Carbary




Subject: The PB Effect Pt. 6

When I was in my thirties, I had a breakup in a long term relationship. I was living thousands of miles away from where my parents lived and it was a few months after the end of the relationship when I returned to my parents’ home for a visit. One afternoon, as I sat visiting with my Dad, he said to me, “I could say something.”


I knew him well enough to know what was coming next.


“Don’t say it,” I emphatically exclaimed.


He said it anyway.


“I had a feeling this was going to happen,” he said with a knowing look.


I felt something in my gut that day but it would take years before I integrated it more fully in my understanding.


We are not separate unattached observers when we think about and project our expectations on and toward others. There is a responsibility here.


I have heard others saying negative stories about others about the past, the present, and projecting expectations into the future. I have done it, in shared company, and in my own mind.


I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to release this pattern, take the ‘golden rule’ even deeper and think unto others as I would want others to think unto me.


Yes, I am still talking about ‘Healing’.


To be continued



Subject:  Mother’s Day Specials

Dear Patients, Clients, Friends:

I will resume the series on the Power of Belief next week. This week’s message will be a brief interlude to announce our upcoming specials for Mother’s Day:



Subj: The PB Effect Pt. V

Power of Belief

Part V


One opportunity to enhance one’s ability to heal is to remove the background static within the cerebral cortex that diminishes the Healing hard drive output. A large part of this background static is made up by, what could be referred to as, negative thoughts and words.


To remove negative thoughts. one must first recognize them. Paying attention, will begin the process of bringing this program under responsible control. This step typically requires diligence.  The dominant play of auto-pilot programs is looping continuously in the cerebral cortex.


A clicker and a partner may help.  The clicker can be a program.  This helper/partner can be named, if one needs a name, by one, or a combination, of these commonly used identities:


  1. A real physical friend.
  2. One’s intuition
  3. A Guide
  4. An Angel.
  5. The Holy Spirit within.
  6. The Higher Self


The process then is Sharing and receiving, with grace, with the self and, perhaps also, with a partner/helper regarding negative thought/ ‘making it harder’ utterances. Marking it harder utterances are thoughts and words that represent beliefs that add barriers or blockages to progress.


“That has always been hard for me. It’s easier said than done. That’s a hard one! You got to know somebody. They’re all crooks. The system is rigged. I have never been lucky. I’ll Try, (etc.)”


‘Clicking’ to count will help one get better and better at letting fewer and fewer go ‘unaccounted for’. The ‘clicker’ could be but doesn’t have to be a manual clicking counter. It could be just a mental ‘click’


Stepping in this direction is an acknowledgement that my thoughts count.


…to be continued.


Subj: The PB Effect Pt. IV

Power of Belief

Part IV


I offer that each of us is responsible for what we believe.  How could it NOT be so? This is a power that has a 30% to 60% potency; It would be a scary and risky world wherein this fuel is controlled by happenstance or luck of the draw.



I offer, however that taking responsibility for thoughts… is a choice.


It has seemed to me for a good part of my life that my thoughts sometimes came and went spontaneously or were initiating and/or responding when relating to others, or other events or environments.


It never occurred to me that most of my thoughts were shaped by programs.


I have come to realize that we need programs to function smoothly and effectively. One of the first extremely helpful programs we upload is the ability to easily and gracefully walk upright. We are born with the structural framework that makes walking possible, but the program is not pre-set in the ‘hard drive’. We must learn to walk. At first it takes a lot of effort and concentration. Eventually it pretty much goes into automatic. This ‘auto’ ability has become a program. No two people walk alike. We each have our own neurological imprints for walking. Each of us created this imprint. Each of us was the programmer.


We get programs from other programmers along the way. Parents. Teachers. Relatives. Friends and other people. Social Groups and Organizations. Spouse. Media. Salespeople.


Some of the programs are helpful. Some of the programs are not. All the programs are owned by each of us and, as such, are within our control.


To make the programs that we incorporate and choose to keep totally helpful, we have the option to activate an awareness and oversight responsibility regarding our ‘automatics’.


Some programs are part of the ‘hard drive’ but have enhancing or diminishing controls which are activated within the conscious part of our cerebral cortex (the thinking, learning, remembering, deciding part of the brain).


The ability to Heal is a hard drive program that can have positive or negative cerebral cortex input.


Just understanding that there are background programs functioning is a start in the process of taking more responsibility and assuming more conscious control.


To be continued.


Subj: The PB Effect Pt. III

The Power of Belief

Part III


Medicine tends to subtract it, to find the amount of value in the tested substance. It is used as a synonym for “it’s all in your head”; suggesting a negative connotation.


I invite you to consider it as fantastic interest on an investment. Imagine getting 30 to 60% interest on an investment that had no minimum or maximum input. How long would it take you accumulate immense wealth?


That’s what medicine has shown the discounted ‘Placebo’ to, according to research, add to the result. A positive expectation adds 30% above neutral. A negative expectation can contribute a minus 30% below neutral. This would mean, that if one changed a thought process (a belief) from negative expectations to positive expectations, this could give as much as 60% positive bump.


As this series continues, I will offer a technique on how to shift from negative to positive.


Dr. Carbary


Subj: The PB Effect Pt. II

The PB effect

Part II


In my communication last week, I shared that (what I call) the PB effect is getting stronger. I stated that Science calls this ‘The Placebo Effect’, but I offered that I find this name and the implied connotation to be misleading and disrespectful of what this ‘effect’ is.


My expanded name for what I have thus far called ‘PB’ is THE POWER of BELIEF.


There have been many books written about this.  Napoleon Hill, Wayne Dyer, Norman Vincent Peal are all well known authors who, combined, have sold over 150 million books on this subject.


How this applies to heath care is, I offer, interesting and, as I shared in the previous message, getting harder to ignore, or ‘rule out’.


In my life, in my practice, I choose to honor this effect and I offer guidance to my patients to use this to help healing.


To be continued next week.


Dr. Carbary


Subj: The PB Effect Pt. I

The PB Effect; it’s there for you

In my experience the patients who come in by referral are typically the easiest, most positively responsive patients to treat. The reason for this, I believe, is that someone they know, and trust believes in the positive results that they experienced. Word of mouth ranks higher than the next level most trusted source: Google.

Expecting good results is a valuable benefit.

Expecting, and recognizing and appreciating signs that anticipated and hoped for results are happening is an important component of the PB effect.

Scientists in many, if not most, fields of study acknowledge and respect the PB effect. There have been many studies specifically about this effect, and most studies take this effect into consideration regarding study results.

The ‘PB effect’ is getting even stronger with time, study finds

Oct 8, 2015 – Analyzing the results of 84 studies conducted around the world between 1990 and 2013, the researchers found that pain inhibition experienced by participants experiencing the PB effect increased steadily over the period, culminating in a 30 percent decrease in pain levels by 2013.


The PB effect is strange—and it’s getting stranger. A typically little effecting everyday experience—if entertained by the participant that it could have potent effect—can sometimes heal. … In a new study, published in the journal Pain, researchers found that in 1996 drugs relieved pain 27% more than the PB effect. In 2013 that gap had fallen to only 9%.


A study published in the Journal of Affective Medicine showed the PB effect (my name) was twice as strong in clinical trials of antidepressants in 2005 when compared to those in 1985. And a similar trend has been spotted in anti-psychotics. This effect is mind altering!


Science has given (what I am calling) the PB effect a commonly accepted and recognized name. You have probably already guessed the name they have given it: The Placebo effect.


I believe that this name is very misleading and somewhat disrespectful of an amazingly powerful tool.


I will share with you more about this in Part II which will come out next week.


Dr. Carbary



Subj: Wind Sculpture

Toward the end of last year my wife, Connie, and I visited Paris and Florence, Italy. We saw some fabulous and amazing art. We visited the Louvre and saw the Mono Lisa. This is a pic of me at the Louvre next to an ancient Egyptian statue.

Just last month we visited Dallas, Texas. In downtown Dallas, we say a statue that grabbed my intention and stirred my amazement even more than the great art of Europe.

I invite you to click the link below to see an eye catching wind sculpture; a modern wonderful work of art.




Subj: My Sign Part III

My Sign, Part III

Why, six years ago, I changed the name of my business


’You’ typically do not ‘Let your fingers do the Walking’ anymore.  Most of us are no longer in “Yellow Page” reality.  The big fat Yellow page book is a Dinosaur in Google-land.  My old name, “Advanced Health Chiropractic Spa” was of the old era.



My new names, CHIROPRACTIC LITTLE ROCK and MASSAGE LITTLE ROCK are Google friendly which speak to (in digital search terms) what we do and where we do it.


Subj: My Sign Part II

My Sign, Part II

What I find funny and

what I am willing to put on my sign

I hate cliché’s. I have always tried to avoid overused expressions or clichéd humor. There is some humor I think of or find that I find really funny but I won’t put it on the sign. Typically I censor some potential postings because I feel that some may take offense. Despite my self-monitoring, it has happened however.  That’s the thing with humor; one size doesn’t fit all or even fit into acceptability for all.

I just give it my best shot. Even Michael Jordon has had some ‘air balls’.

I also figure that if one likes my sense of humor, it is more likely he or she will find me likeable and there is a better chance the rapport will be helpful in the doctor / patient relationship.

There you have it, friends.  I have just one more thing to say:


Subj: My Sign Part I

My Sign, Part I

Expectation, a Philosophy, a Marketing Perspective, and a Commitment

I have imagined being out and about somewhere and, on the front end of a conversation with a person I have just casually met,  am asked, “what’s your sign?. I smile and reply, “It’s a large Marquee out in front of my Chiropractic office”.

I put my ‘reader board’ / marquee type sign out in front of my office in October of 1999. My intent of doing a sign like that involved an expectation, a philosophy, a marketing perspective, and a commitment.

I expected that a sign that was prominent, announced what type of business was at this particular location, and was designed and placed well, would be helpful to my business.

I also decided to test and find out if, by putting what I found humorous on display, I could create a positive community attraction.

I was also willing to occasionally share a philosophical perspective.

I expected that if I could get attentive reaction, expectation, and sharing regarding my messages. Based on this I anticipated that I could then intersperse some honest good-deal marketing messages which therefore would gain more notice and response.

I was committed to change my message on a timely basis and keep up the search for (what I viewed to be) cutting edge and unusual humor. Over the past 18 years, this equates to about 500 different sign messages, with about half being in the humor category, a spattering of philosophy, and the rest about Chiropractic or Massage.

Here are three examples:


Subj: At The Beach

A few emails ago I talked about a method I use to not take on stress energy.  I believe that my method is a good one and helps me a lot, but still and all the everyday doing and doing and doing does build up.

Connie and I love the beach. We love to be away and relaxing without the nearby pull of a house to clean, a task to do, a meeting to attend.

This is where we are right now. At a beach in Mexico.

See you again soon.


Subj: My Method of Releasing Energy

To patients, to clients, to friends. To my patients, clients, and friends.

Numerous times in many ways I have heard others comment that being around certain people ‘brings them down’. I have even heard another Chiropractor once say that he couldn’t do ‘Energy’ work because it ‘exhausted’ him at the end of the day.

Whether one is a ‘Chiropractor’ or not, we all encounter and relate to others in our jobs and otherwise. Also, whether we call it that or not, we all do ‘energy’ interactions. Verbally communicating, hand shaking, or hugging, we connect in various ways with others.

Sometimes others are depressed, angry, hurting, exhausted, or even suicidal. How do we relate, be helpful if we can, and move on and be ok and not drained ourselves??

Most therapists have a method or technique to be there, to be helpful, yet not take on the energy that is being shared or released.

I have a method that many of you have probably noticed me doing. After I do an adjustment, I will bring my hands together and then quickly apart. This is a thought or intent accompanied by body movement or action. The thought or intent is approximated by this description, “I acknowledge and welcome your energy release, but I am I am not taking it or accepting it to part of my energy.”

See accompanying YouTube video of me doing an adjustment and using this technique.



Subj: My Youngest Patient

Let me introduce you to one of my newest patients, ‘Hannah’, a beautiful, healthy 15 day old baby. I treated Hannah the first time shortly after birth to help her release the physical stress associated with being squeezed through the birth canal. Today’s visit was focused on relieving some jaw tightness so that she could nurse easier.


Hannah’s mom, ‘Chrissy’ first came to me more than a year previous. Chrissy was having numerous years difficulty getting pregnant and, being a fervent believer in Chiropractic care, sought my help. Over my 31 year career, I have experienced (like many of my Chiropractic colleagues) a definitive correlative connection between good pelvic alignment and successful pregnancies.


Many parents do not realize that many problems that children have are associated with structural abnormalities that begin with the physical stress of the birth process. I have seen ear infections; allergies, digestive problems, and more, quickly clear up.


I LOVE treating children, especially babies. 


My thanks to Chrissy for agreeing to share Hanah’s story. 


Subj: My Purpose for Communication

Thank you for connecting with me as a Chiropractic Doctor…

I understand and acknowledge that only a portion of those receiving this email have a future appointment scheduled. I also know that I will be connecting with many who do not currently have an appointment. I also know there will be some of you that I will never personally meet with again.

I hold time for all of you nonetheless. It is part of my commitment and purpose for being. When I more fully opened to this responsibility I decided that personal direct communication would be part of this connection.

I was offered a ‘canned’ approach. This came from (according to my best understanding and perception) an excellent Chiropractic / Natural Health Care company that provides a process of regularly communicating with patients on the doctor’s behalf. This approach is not deceptive in any way as it is clear with each communication that it was not being authored directly by the doctor. This system is designed to help Chiropractors maintain a background of connectivity to their patient bases and maintain practices that are not otherwise compromised, and energy drained by constant additional ‘marketing’. For this type of connection to be synergistically helpful however, those receiving need to see value in what’s being communicated.

This approach was there for me to choose, and the fee for choosing this was (according to my best calculations) amazingly cost effective.

I chose not to do this, however.

I speak for myself, and, if, on occasion, in the context of topic, I use someone’s else’s words, this will be clearly indicated.

You will get my words and composition, and to the best energy I can provide when we meet, my actions.  It will be me being me. I will offer my thoughts and recommendations about being and thinking healthy. Sometimes, like I do on my sign, I will offer a look at what I find humorous or interesting. I expect that my words and shared thoughts may reveal to some that I may not be the right fit for them and consequently move on and seek a different helper. I appreciate that. I expect my job to be relaxed, interesting, and enjoyable. In this way of being, I can be helpful to most and happy to be doing it.

That’s pretty much all for now; I will, of course, share more in days to follow.

Dr. Bill


Subj: Book Release

Next Monday, Feb 5th, my novel, Underneath It All: What My Life Was Like as an Enlisted Man on a Nuclear Submarine, will be published.

I originally wrote this book almost fifty years ago when I was fresh out of the Navy. My language back then was ‘Saltier’ and the story is also spiced with descriptive scenes. It is intended for mature readers.

It is currently available for pre-order on Kindle and other e-readers. It can easily be found by typing in the title and my last name.

Any reviews will be greatly appreciated.


Subj: Releasing Energy

Numerous times in many ways I have heard others comment that being around certain people ‘brings them down’. I have even heard another Chiropractor once say that he couldn’t do ‘Energy’ work because it ‘exhausted’ him at the end of the day.

Whether one is a ‘Chiropractor’ or not, we all encounter and relate to others in our jobs and otherwise. Also, whether we call it that or not, we all do ‘energy’ interactions. Verbally communicating, hand shaking, or hugging, we connect in various ways with others.

Sometimes others are depressed, angry, hurting, exhausted, or even suicidal. How do we relate, be helpful if we can, and move on and be ok and not drained ourselves??

Most therapists have a method or technique to be there, to be helpful, yet not take on the energy that is being shared or released.

I have a method that many of you have probably noticed me doing. After I do an adjustment, I will bring my hands together and then quickly apart. This is a thought or intent accompanied by body movement or action. The thought or intent is approximated by this description, “I acknowledge and welcome your energy release, but I am I am not taking it or accepting it to part of my energy.”

See accompanying YouTube video of me doing an adjustment and using this technique.


Subj: Some wonder what it’s like to be the kind of doctor (Chiropractor) that some respect and some don’t.

I expect, to some of you, this may be surprising that I would even be ‘out front’ about this. Glad to share.

Extra:  Some people (not my patients) have said to me, “I don’t believe in Chiropractors”. I have commented to them, “Do you believe in postal workers, airline pilots, house painters…?” I am not Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.  I am a real person doing a real job, recognized and licensed as a professional. Believe it or not.

In truth, I don’t much care. I have the respect of those that contribute to making my life meaningful. Others, of contrary opinion, are noted in the peripheral without undue consequential impact.


Subj: Sometimes the present meets the past and it squeezes in on us…

This is a pic of my wife, Connie walking down a street

in Florence, Italy. The buildings on both sides are hundreds

of years old.  The side walk and street was adapted but a

pretty tight passage for the modern age.

Extra: I can see the analogy in our journey through life.

For many, if not most, of us, the rigidity of the past does

seem to make our current path narrower.  I believe one

can expand the “walls of the past” however and walk free

of the sense of confinement. 

Ask me about the ‘Breathwork’ experience that I do here at the office monthly,

Dr. Carbary


Subj: I am Thankful for many things in my life especially this most wonderful blessing in my life.

There is much in my life that I am thankful for. It was until I was 46 years along my journey however that I met the love of my life; my most wonderful blessing, my friend, my partner, my wife, Connie.

I expect that this may be inspiring for some of you. Glad to share.

Extra:  I am also especially grateful to those who have placed their trust in me to be their Chiropractor.


Subj: Me and one of my friends (from the past), ‘Charmin’.

I expect this may uplifting for many of you. Glad to share.

Extra: I am a Chiropractor for the people.  There has been occasion however when a patient has brought a pet in.  On one occasion I helped a dog walk again.


Subj: Occasionally, some who come to me don’t like my style of Chiropractic.

 Some find my style to be different than what they expect. I do ‘pop’ joints, but typically I don’t do as much as a lot of DC’s. I do believe that ‘adjustment’ / manipulation to be helpful and I combine this with the energy work I do. This works extremely well for most of my patients. Some who come to me however are used to a different approach and move on from me to find another DC who better suits their expectations. When I first started in Chiropractic, this bothered me. No more. I am who I am, and I do what I do. My focus continues to be to be helpful, without harm. For those that move on, I wish them well and truly project that each finds the helper that serves them best.

I expect this may be insightful for some of you. Glad to share.

Now for the extra:

Some who might consider going to a Chiropractor may hesitate to do so because of fear of being injured. No physical activity is completely without incident (i.e. walking around the house). Chiropractic (including neck adjustments) however, is extremely safe, and it is VERY rare for anyone to be injured in the process (millions to one). DC’s pay pennies on the dollar compared to MD’s for malpractice insurance.

PS This and all my continuing updates will be posted on my blog on


Meet my friend, ‘Henry’…

Henry comes from Europe (Italy) 

Actually this is ‘Henry III’.   Henry I has passed. We still have

Henry II in our Spa department.

This machine does ‘Cold Laser’ and ‘Vasopneumatic’ (vacuum-

Release pumping).  It is, in my opinion, the BEST therapy machine

on the planet for reducing pain and restoring function in

swollen arthritic joints.

Extra:  You can find out more about this machine by going to my

Website, ChiropracticLittleRock. Com and clicking on either

‘Videos’ or ‘Vasoneumatic’.

Dr.  Carbary


Subj: How I first became interested in Chiropractic.

It was 1979.  I was deeply enmeshed in my first adult life crisis. My ten-year marriage was ending, and I was packing and moving from what soon would no longer be my home. Upon lifting a box of books, I heard a ‘pop’ and felt an immediate pain in my mid-back. After suffering for days, I took a friend’s advice and visited a local Chiropractor. He fixed my back and opened my eyes to this wonderful profession. After a few more years of consideration and (even though I had a Master’s Degree at the time) a full year of more college preparation, I started Chiropractic college at age 40. At the time of this writing, I am in my 31st year of practice.

Looking back, I find it interesting that life crisis, although difficult and sometimes painful, can open one up to reflection and deep purpose.   

I expect this may be interesting to many of you. Glad to share.

Now for the extra:

Most think of and use my services for treatment of back and neck pain.  Some of you know about the Cynosure TriActive therapy machine I have. This machine combines Cold Laser and Vasopneumatic and I have developed and pioneered the unique use of therapy delivered by this machine right here at my office in Little Rock.  I have had several patients who have restored normal walking function and avoided double knee replacement surgery after therapy with this machine.


Subj: Why I chose ATT for my cell phone service.

My wife Connie, in connection to her import business travels to China at least once per year.  We are both in Europe at the time of writing this.  In recent time we had a different mobile carrier. We discovered their out of the USA service to be inadequate.  ATT has a plan that allows easy connection with calling back to USA for $10 per day per phone for unlimited daily calling (and it’s only charged if you use it). 

I expect this may be helpful to some of you. Glad to share.

Now for the extra:

Most think of and use my services for treatment of back and neck pain.  Most don’t know that I have a very effective technique that helps relieve sinus/allergy symptoms.  No extra charge.  If you let me know, and you so choose, it will be included in the Chiropractic service.


Subj: What I did when I found myself in back pain in Italy

During my vacation in Florence, Italy recently, my back hurt. Long plane flights, sleeping in beds with uncomfortable mattresses, etc.; many of you, I am sure, can relate. I didn’t let this discomfort dampen my vacation time with my family however. I did what I would recommend to my patients to do; I found a local Chiropractor. My thanks to Dr. Thomas Herns. He did a great job and got me back on track. Yea Chiropractic!!

I expect this may be interesting to many of you. Glad to share.

Now for the extra:

If you are traveling, whether in the States or abroad, if you need help finding a Chiropractor, I will be glad to assist if you let me know in advance or contact the office when the need comes up.


Subj: How I flew to paris for $420 round trip

At the end of November (2017) my wife, my daughter and her college friend, and I spent nine days in Europe (Paris and Florence). We flew from Memphis and, after several hops arrived in Paris, France. The amazing part (of the cost) of this adventure is the round-trip airfare for each of us was only $460!

My daughter (Tayren) booked these fares and she shared the secret:

I expect this may be helpful to many of you. Glad to share.

Now for the extra:

I have been asked what supplements I take. I take seven specific sources of nutritional supplementation each day. Some to make up for dietary deficiencies; some to compensate for my unique vulnerable background. My history has educated me that my most vulnerable reactive ‘system’ is respiratory. Changes in season or traveling in different locality tends to initiate sinus/allergy reaction. I therefore include, as one of the seven, ‘Allerplex’ from STANDARD PROCESS. This herbal/whole food nutrient helps keep me off anti-histamine and pharmacological antibiotics.

Q: In the United States, why do other doctors dislike chiropractors? Why do they regard them as almost the black sheep of the medical profession?

A: Interesting question. I will address the essence of what the question is about but first I am motivated to address the error within the question itself. Chiropractic and ‘Chiropractors’ are not the ‘black sheep’ or any kind of sheep within the Medical Profession. Chiropractic is NOT within the medical profession AT ALL. Yes, it is ‘part’ of Health Care but all of what is under the category of legal licensed Health Care does not fall under the umbrella of the Medical Profession.

Chiropractic has its own schools, accreditation agency, licensing and regulation boards, and is defined by a written scope of practice in each of the US states that generally says that Chiropractors can do, within the bounds of morals, ethics and safety, open scope patient body contact by hand or approved instrument or machine to help with joint or neurological efficiency,

Spinal manipulation or ‘Adjustment’ has been and continues to be a significant focus of the patient body contact. It has shown significant beneficial contribution, so much so that the Physical Therapy Profession (part of the Medical Profession) is, in numerous states, already including this in practice, and, in numerous other states pushing to have this included in the legal scope of practice.

Chiropractic has been put down and falsely represented by many MD’s (mostly ones who are older) mainly because of Chiropractic’s impact and success as a separate Health Care profession outside of Medicine. I offer that Chiropractic, in the U.S. has been the ONLY separate ‘portal of entry’, non limited body part specialized like Dentistry or Optometry, health care profession that has survived more than 100 years completely separate from Medicine. Chiropractors may focus on the spine but a smaller but significant number of patients come to Chiropractors for more than joint pain problems.

This separate upstart profession inspired Medical groups (spearheaded by the AMA) to try to discredit and eliminate Chiropractic by claiming it was dangerous and scientifically invalid in providing help for people. Prior to 1987 any Medical doctor who associated in any way with a Chiropractor, by referring patients or otherwise, was subject to disciplinary action by Medical Boards. In 1987, as a result of a legal suit that was heard and settled by the US Supreme Court , it was decided that the Medical Profession’s justification for its attack on Chiropractic was inspired by “anti-trust” motivation rather than scientific public protecting validation.

Even today there are many ‘old head’ MD’s who, out of ignorance or malice, spread false information about Chiropractic. I offer, as an example, what I read as the first answer (given by a Medical Doctor) to this question when I clicked on this query.

I quote:

“The origin of chiropractic was based on the misinterpretation of a single event. The founder of chiropractic was blind, and he hit his head. Suddenly he could see. The nerves for vision are entirely within the skull, but Daniel Palmer didn’t know that.”

D. D, Palmer (the founder of Chiropractic) was NOT blind, did NOT hit his head and have his vision restored,

One might offer that the story was about a patient of Palmer that had his hearing restored and that would be true in regard to this narrative. One might say the analogy of the point being offered would be the same and I can agree on the connection. My point however, is that if you are a super educated professional who is relied upon to have a high level of factual accuracy, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

An additional point, as the majority of my colleagues and thousands upon thousands of Chiropractic patients will verify, is that adjustments to the upper cervical regions of the spine (which surround the brain stem) DO affect symptoms in the cranium. One example is migraine headaches.

I currently have as has been the case throughout my thirty year career, MD’s for patients. The one profession that I have had MORE patients be connected with than any other profession. however, has been Registered Nurses (RN’s).


So, in answer to the essence of the question posed, Why do many in the Medical Profession have negative opinions about Chiropractors…?

Mainly, I believe, out of ignorance, bias, and a sense of ‘know it all’ egocentrics,

Dr. William Carbary, DC